Eat Sand / Sand, [2020]

Eat Sand / Sand is mounted as a succession of curated fragments, fragments that bear a somewhat bitter or distressful relationship with reality; and, for over that, a tainted pulse. An acknowledgement of the medium as matter, as an unreliable capture and a contextless product of time and space. Eat Sand / Sand is a 16 mm experimental film, it is the result of purposefully introducing error during processing. A blighted collection of captures. An approach to seeing aimed at mastering partial control of the outcome imagery while forcing the camera to malfunction. It is a restless attempt to find this pulse, to disclose a strayed awry narrative; one where all stages of the image processing are presented as simultaneously occurring events in the final configuration of the score. 

For each exhibition, a physical copy of the film is produced and mounted as a 3-minute loop. It is then threaded into a 16 mm projector, that has been adapted to hasten and pace a continuous and uninterrupted reproduction of the film. The mechanical reproduction triggers an accumulation of time in its surface, inscribing time’s passing in a manner much akin to scar tissue. The film runs through the projector until it is completely worn out by means of the systemic eroding character of the reproduction device. There remains a torn-out copy and an empty frame –a seamless beam of light, now unobstructed. The screening of Eat Sand / Sand is then interrupted, yet time continues to be accounted for in frames per second.


Eat Sand / Sand. 16 mm, Kodak 7222, Silent, 00:03:00, 2020.