about me

GIF file of Margot Tenenbaum's caption 'I tie it to the radiator'. The Royal Tenenbaums [Wes Anderson, 2001].

I’m Lorena Articardi (b. 1992), an artist working with photography and motion image who’s developed an intentional documentary approach to creating imagery. I’m available for booking, commission work, and collaborations, both locally and abroad.

Feel free to contact me via email at lorenaarticardi@gmail.com.


Ethel: Raleigh says you’ve been spending 6 hours a day locked in here, watching television and soaking in the tub.

Margot: [lying in the bath] I doubt that.

Ethel: Well, I don’t think that’s very healthy, do you? Nor do I think it’s very intelligent to keep an electrical gadget on the edge of the bathtub.

Margot: I tie it to the radiator.

Ethel: Well, that can’t be very good for your eyes anyway.



Eat Sand. International Art Biennale: Asunción, Paraguay. Via Laboratorio FAC –within FAC, Contemporary Art Foundation–. March, 2020.

Eat Sand. JAM, Film Performance. Laboratorio FAC –within FAC, Contemporary Art Foundation–. CCE –Centro Cultural de España–, Montevideo, Uruguay. December, 2019.
(https://www.colectivofac.com/, http://cce.org.uy/).