Mostly Gaps

‘Photography grasps what is given as a spatial (or temporal) continuum; memory images retain what is given only insofar as it has significance. Since what is significant is not reducible to either merely spatial or merely temporal terms, memory images are at odds with photographic representation. From the latter’s perspective, memory images appear to be

Sand / Eat Sand

What is it about the work of photographers like Robert Capa, Robert Frank or Daido Moriyama and Daisuke Yokota… that feels so striking to me? I’ve always questioned my references, whether photographic or not… And those recognizable patterns I’ve encountered, the fragmentary, the flawed, the process as experience, as experimentation; characterize almost all which has

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[Ongoing]. Imagery is restless. It has no consumption waste; and yet, hails from a depleted sense of reality that feeds upon itself. As in a cycle –may there be a more contemporary notion. Images of real things. Images of images. Reinterpretation, appropriation…; it all seems applicable to fairy everything. And it all leads to the