Sand / Eat Sand

What is it about the work of photographers like Robert Capa, Robert Frank or Daido Moriyama and Daisuke Yokota… that feels so striking to me? I’ve always questioned my references, whether photographic or not… And those recognizable patterns I’ve encountered, the fragmentary, the flawed, the process as experience, as experimentation; characterize almost all which has caught my undivided attention. Having worked with both film and signal processing has done nothing but feed my fixation; focusing a great deal of effort in approaching a better understanding of the indeterminacy of the continuous in contrast with the very graspable discrete. And still, when thinking of our experience of the real –real motion–, one that’s determined by a perceptual short-range apparent motion, we think of it as continuous.

I guess I see their work as curated fragments, fragments that bear a somewhat bitter or distressful relationship to reality, but –for over that– a tainted pulse, an acknowledgment of photography as a medium. Also, as an unreliable capture, and a contextless product of time. Sand / Eat Sand is a 16mm experimental film. A restless attempt to find this pulse, to craft a flawed but curated narrative. The film aims to master a partial control of the outcome imagery while forcing the camera’s malfunctioning.




Dec., 2020. // Open Academy. Kunstakadamiet i Trondheim, Gallery KiT. Group Exhibition. Trondheim, NO.

Mar., 2020. // International Art Biennale: Asunción, PY. Laboratorio FAC –within FAC, Contemporary Art Foundation, Uruguay. Group Exhibition.

Dec., 2019. // Film Performance, Laboratorio FAC –within FAC, Contemporary Art Foundation, Uruguay. CCE –Centro Cultural de España. Group Exhibition. Montevideo, UY.