Eat Sand

A pearl is the beautiful outcome of an unintended mistake; we might as well start eating sand then. What I mean is, defects attune on account of their disruption.

Growing up I felt this need to achieve perfection. Nothing ever felt good enough, regardless of recognition. More often than not, it still doesn’t. It wasn’t until I understood that it was the flaws that made every piece of work perfect for me, that I realized I do not want to thrive for formal standards of perfection.

‘Eat Sand’ is my first 16mm experimental film; and showcases an eager intention to work with error and the unsettled nature of light –both recurrent subjects in the context of my artwork. I shot, developed and copied the film myself and carefully thought out ways in which I could introduce error intentionally in every stage of the process. Error is pursued, but –just as is– can’t be controlled.




Eat Sand. International Art Biennale: Asunción, Paraguay. Via Laboratorio FAC –within FAC, Contemporary Art Foundation–. March, 2020.

Eat Sand. JAM, Film Performance. Laboratorio FAC –within FAC, Contemporary Art Foundation–. CCE –Centro Cultural de España–, Montevideo, Uruguay. December, 2019.