Lost Archive, Honeymoon

On account of working with the concept of depletion related to imagery… I had this story in my head, a story I heard a million times growing up. The story goes like this, I’ll make it short. My mom and dad didn’t own a camera back when they were about to get married. Cameras were just too expensive, and my parents were planning on taking a disposable camera with them to take their honeymoon pictures with. My grandmother was against it, and she can be very stubborn. She got someone to lend them a ‘proper’ camera. And so they took it. When they came back from all the fun and nice memories, they had a photographer develop the film. It turned out the camera was broken and that no picture was captured. So my parents have no pictures of their honeymoon. My mother must have cried an ocean, but the story always ended up there. And I had to ask her… So, a couple of weeks back, we were having coffee, my mom and I… And I asked her about the film. If she had seen it… If she knew what had gone wrong with the camera; since when something mechanic breaks, it sort of breaks as in something tiny within the actual function stops working. She said she didn’t, but that she may have the actual strips. I asked to see them, she said I could have them… ‘I don’t even know why I kept them’.

This series is a collection of images most people can’t think of as images. None of my friends, nor my parents, not even the photographer that once developed the film thought of them that way. That is on account of them not being compliant with what makes a good image. I disagree. I think of them as extremely beautiful images, and as my mother’s wrecked and ruined memories of a happy place.